In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.” My last handwritten composition was a letter- YES! A genuine L-E-T-T-E-R! A personal composition relating current details of my daily life, hopes, aspirations, inspirations, near-future plans, a few memories shared with the intended recipient of my letter- and more- written over the past couple of days and completed about one hour ago. It is addressed to my youngest son who lives afar from me and whom I have not seen in a few years. We exchange letters almost weekly, sometimes twice weekly and rarely, we may skip a week. But I write. He writes. And we welcome each other’s letters most warmly!

Letter writing is very nearly a lost art and that is such a shame, really. A letter from a dear one- be they family or friend- brings a special brand of joy! Sure, it requires setting aside some time out of one’s busy day and blocking out distractions that beg to take one away from the pleasure of wordcrafting to be shared with that special person with whom you wish to share thoughts and assure him or her that he or she is resting upon your heart & in your mind, so a little self-discipline is essential to the project. Often one must write in snippets…. a paragraph here, a few words there, and have to return to put pen to paper over the course of several hours or even a few days. At least, that is how it frequently works for me. I live with and take care of my elderly mother as well as a soon-to-be-year-old-dog. Both demand my attention regularly throughout the day and into the night. These responsibilities virtually always turn my letter writing endeavors into piecemeal works that occasionally end up a less-than-cohesive product. That can be frustrating. However, I possess a natural love of writing which is enhanced when my efforts go to putting a smile in the heart of the recipient of my compositions!

It is my good fortune that my son not only appreciates receiving letters from me, but that he cares enough to write back! If only more people would engage in the practice of sending love and smiles to others in letters, this world would most certainly be a much happier place!


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